3 Ways That Digital Accessibility Can Boost Your Business

Have you considered the effects that Digital Accessibility can have on your business? Does the cost and know-how of effective accessibility intimidate you? We understand those concerns at Allyable and are here to help. It’s not just our desire, it’s our job. Here are three ways that Digital Accessibility can boost your business. Keep reading and see how financial and resource investment can help your company’s bottom line.

  1. Extend Your Market Reach

The market of people with disabilities is only increasing with time. According to The World Bank’s article, Diversity Inclusion, over 1 billion people have a recognized disability. What does this mean for your business? By improving your site for digital accessibility you can reach a much larger market with your products and services!

  1. Elevate Your Brand

What can digital accessibility do for your brand? As a business, you have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With an honest commitment to inclusive marketing and enhanced user experiences on your site, your brand’s reputation will increase positively. The benefits of good CSR do not stop with a great brand reputation. You may experience greater customer loyalty, gain brand advocates, and increase sales. Promoting accessibility is always the right thing to do.

  1. Increase in Online Sales

Accessibility can result in increased sales, especially for e-commerce sites. Remember the 1 billion individuals that were mentioned earlier? They have a spending power of $6.9 trillion according to Forbes.  Having a streamlined, effective shopping and checkout experience will benefit all of your customers, not just those with disabilities.  Digital accessibility should be an important and essential part of your business considerations. At Allyable we are committed to offering you personalized solutions for your virtual accessibility. Find us at www.allyable.com for affordable plans today!