5 Accessibility Plugins For Google Chrome

In this article, we discuss the five best accessibility plug-ins for Google Chrome. These are extensions that users with disabilities can install on their computers and phone to make using the web easier. Read our article on digital accessibility. It will help clarify why the work we do here at Allyable is so important for both you and your website.

    • Color Enhancer

Color blindness is a very real disability that many individuals face. Color Enhancer is a Chrome extension that offers a customizable filter helping users discern colors correctly. It is also able to change the colors on a webpage, making it easier for some individuals to read.

    • Volume Master

With an add-on like Volume Master users can boost the audio on their phones and computers up to 600% and never have to miss what someone is saying again! The app is easy to use and can control the volume of any tab. It boasts being the simplest and most reliable volume booster.

    • Zoom

The Zoom extension internet users can manipulate web pages with a button or a mouse scroll wheel. This plug-in allows web pages to be magnified up to 400%. Another amazing feature is the fact that the plugin automatically saves the webpage at the zoom percentage you were previously viewing it at- so the next time you visit that site it’s already enhanced to the most comfortable reading level for you!

    • Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a Chrome and Firefox extension that uses text-to-speech technology to convert webpage text into audio. This extension boasts over 40 different languages, multiple male and female voices, and customizable reading speed and volume. This plugin is a great option for anyone wanting to listen to a webpage on the go, rather than sitting down and reading it.

    • Turn Off The Lights

This extension offers a cinema-like experience for videos! The plugin automatically fades the video darker when users click on a little lamp icon. Users can automatically restore the original video appearance by clicking on the icon again. Turn Off The Lights is compatible with most popular video sites and web browsers. There are many customizable features offered for a more comfortable viewing experience.

While these extensions offer amazing solutions for all users, it is important to make sure that your webpage is digitally accessible from the very start. Reach out to us today at https://allyable.com/ to get start your 7-day, risk-free trial!