Inspired by Personal Experience

Allyable’s Co-Founder and CEO, David Adi, launched the company in 2018 with this crystal-clear vision: to create a simple, complete platform that gives companies the tools to make all their web content and digital assets fully accessible for people with disabilities, in compliance with international regulations.

David’s purpose-driven mission arose from his own journey of hearing loss, which began in his 20s as a young business owner in the IT field. When he started to have trouble following conversations in person and understanding speech on the phone, a doctor’s visit confirmed that he had inherited his family’s genetic predisposition for conductive otosclerosis. Even with hearing aids, David noticed that his disability made it challenging to access certain types of digital content, such as audiobooks, podcasts and voice-overs on website videos. He decided to do whatever he could to close this accessibility gap and help people with special needs like himself.

Inspired by David and the 1.85 billion people worldwide whose visual, hearing, motor, cognitive and age-related limitations affect their ability to experience the web as intended, Allyable’s mission is to ensure that all websites and digital assets are accessible for all users around the world. After all, if customers can’t understand what you’re selling, they won’t buy from you.

So far, we’ve given a variety of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries a simpler, more affordable way to provide equal web access for all users, representing a vast improvement over existing technology. As a result, our clients have reduced complexity and cost, improved team efficiency, and remained in continuous compliance with changing Section 508 and ADA laws.

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