Create Digital Assets with Accessibility in Mind

An astounding 98% of existing websites present significant barriers to end users with some form of disability, whether visual, auditory, cognitive, motor, or age-related. Given that 1.2 billion people worldwide live with one or more disabilities, who collectively influence $13 trillion of annual disposable spending, a huge number of potential customers—nearly equal to China’s population—are unable to access important information about products and services. Not only does this problem lead to a lot of lost business for companies, but it also places online marketers at risk for costly lawsuits by frustrated consumers who only want the same access to digital assets than everyone else has.

This issue is intensely personal for Allyable’s Co-founder and CEO David Adi, who has a serious genetic hearing loss that makes him passionate about helping others who have disabilities. Recognized as a global accessibility expert by the U.S. and Israeli governments and the United Nations, he launched Allyable in 2018 with the mission of giving developers, designers, and other internet consultants a fast, easy, affordable and comprehensive way to make digital assets fully accessible to all users around the world. Read more about our Vision.

As a result of Allyable’s leadership and commitment, the innovative digital accessibility platform developed by our team is far more effective than anything available on the market today. Yet it requires no special training, coding or expensive consultation services to deploy—so anyone can design and maintain digital assets with accessibility in mind.


Full accessibility requires much more functionality than a menu, widget or overlay can provide. To be truly effective, a digital accessibility platform needs to incorporate a variety of tools for scanning, identifying, flagging and remediating compliance errors.

Allyable’s unique, modular platform is made up of several components that work together to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to digital accessibility—providing superior auditing, immediate remediation, continuous compliance, and built-in accessibility for existing content and assets in development.


24/7 Superior Scanning/Audit with AI crowd-sourcing technology & image processing.


    Automated Compliance Remediation to maintain accessibility of digital assets.


      Browser plug-in for creation of accessible digital assets by developers.

        Centralized Accessibility Dashboard tracks progress, metrics and more.


        Allyable’s goal is to bring equal access to everyone participating in the
        digital world. Accessibility compliance can be overwhelming—that’s why
        we’re here to help you provide the best experience for all of your
        customers, every time.