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Congratulations on deciding to make the digital world more accessible! This issue is intensely personal for Allyable’s Co-founder and CEO David Adi, who has a serious genetic hearing loss that makes him passionate about helping others who have disabilities. Recognized as a global accessibility expert by the U.S government, the European Union and the United Nations, he launched Allyable in 2018 with the mission of giving developers, designers, and other internet consultants a fast, easy, affordable and comprehensive way to make digital assets fully accessible to all users around the world. Read more about our Vision.

  • A11yToolbar™ – End user customized accessibility menu widget
  • A11yDev™ – develop with accessibility in mind
  • A11yAudit™  – 24/7 Accessibility Compliance Scanning 
  • A11yFix™  – Real-Time Automatic Remediation Engine 
  • Audit up to 500 pages (can add as you grow)
  • Real-time site audits
  • Simple tools to fix any violation
  • Statistics accessibility dashboard Up and running in minutes

You can add various modules above as needed from our dashboard, so whatever package you start with is flexible to grow with your digital accessibility needs.