A comprehensive solution to ensure the compliance of your digital content and assets, all in one place!

Allyable’s ground-breaking accessibility platform has approached the growing issue of digital accessibility from an entirely fresh, innovative perspective. We give you a way to proactively design digital assets with accessibility in mind from the very beginning, while remediating compliance issues in your existing content—using the same suite of products.

We’ve kept what already works and added functionality with state-of-the-art technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, advanced image processing and automated remediation. Our modular system allows most of the tools to be used alone or combined with others in our platform to meet your complete digital accessibility requirements, from initial development to maintenance to user interface.

Allyable offers the only completely SaaS AI product-based solution that addresses every accessibility need. We have introduced many industry firsts, such as:

    • Superior scanning uses AI technology that scans each visited page and asset by every end-user, along with machine learning and image processing.
    • Our accessibility engine runs on the client-side 24/7 and monitors the DOM while end-users are using the digital assets, to identify both static and dynamic content.
    • Most common violations can be identified and auto-fixed when the virtual layer is applied on the customer’s website, depending on the complexity of your digital assets.
    • We educate our customers by providing: simple wizards and code editors for remediation with all required information on specific violations; references to guidelines for better understanding; and instructions on how to address the violation.
    • Allyable supports open-source Typescript IDE for remediation, which simplifies Javascript coding and comprehension.
    • Allyable’s system integrates with all known browsers on the market.


Allyable’s centralized accessibility dashboard is essential to manage all of your AllyAble360 modules, compliance projects and ticket integrations in one place. Keeps track of multiple domains, users, tasks and issues while providing easy-to-digest snapshots of team progress, success metrics and more.


Debug, audit, update, maintain and build your digital assets with accessibility in mind! AllyDev is a browser plug-in tool available as a standalone solution, combined with AllyFix or as part of the full AllyAble360 product suite, that enables developers, marketers, consultants and others to create accessible digital assets with the necessary tools at their fingertips.


This toolbar for all Type A browsers displays a customizable accessibility tool menu for end-users that can be white-labeled with your organization’s own branding. Installed through a single, secure line of code, AllyToolbar works entirely on the client side, allowing manual visitor changes for contrast and font size, with customer preferences captured for return visits. Features automatic stop for animations, Flash, or blinking characteristics and optional menu support for more than 10 languages.


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) crowd-sourcing and image processing technology, AllyAudit offers superior 24/7 scanning of your site to make sure you are always up to compliance. Each time an end-user interacts with pages or assets on your site, the encounter is logged and used to better understand the functions of every element. Meanwhile, the image processor scans every image on every page, checking for any missing alternative text and using machine learning to assess the image and add a relevant description. Deploys using a single, secure line of code.


Fix compliance issues 24/7 on existing websites, intranets and digital assets with consistency and accuracy. AllyFix incorporates advanced AI and image processing to consistently correct most identified errors automatically. No-code wizards to simplify remediation allowing you to easily fix a wide range of internet and intranet digital assets.


Allyable’s goal is to bring equal access to everyone participating in the
digital world. Accessibility compliance can be overwhelming—that’s why
we’re here to help you provide the best experience for all of your
customers, every time.
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