Ideal for Developers, Content Marketers, Designers and Testers

This is the only accessibility plug-in that many digital creators need to develop assets with accessibility in mind and meet compliance guidelines in the design phase! Easily and safely debug, audit, update and maintain your digital assets, making them accessible to users with and without disabilities.

  • Enables identification, reporting and manual remediation of accessibility violations, directly from the browser
  • Pre-production mode allows internal team to test accessibility before going live
  • On-the-go, wizard-based digital accessibility training and knowledge base
  • Fully integrated to CI/CD platforms
  • Can work together with our web accessibility tools like AIlyFix to leverage its capabilities – providing 360° accessibility for different product life cycles and stages

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allydev extension

Ongoing Compliance

To provide continuous accessibility, the AllyDev plug-in seamlessly audits, remediates and automatically ensures accessibility compliance for all of your digital assets—directly from the browser or through the plug-in itself.

AllyDev allows you to enter specific issues and learn how to fix them using semi-automated wizards. There is also a feature to open a ticket right from the plug-in that integrates into your ticketing system and assign a designated team member to fix the issue.

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Allyable’s goal is to bring equal access to everyone participating in the
digital world. Accessibility compliance can be overwhelming—that’s why
we’re here to help you provide the best experience for all of your
customers, every time.