Things that big companies need to know about Accessibility

Things that big companies need to know about Accessibility
Every company should have web content that is accessible to the users. There are laws and standards that have been put in place to ensure that your website is accessible. There will be improved user inclusivity among your audience where the people with disabilities will have the same access to your digital products without bias.

We all understand the benefits of SEO in the digital space; if your website is compliant and accessible, you will boost your SEO ranking on the web which will positively impact your business.

Web accessibility improves your user experience that will positively impact your business and improve your revenue

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility refers to the ability to design products, services and an environment that will favor people with disabilities in accessing any of your digital products and content.

The concept of accessibility focuses on providing access for people with disabilities through the use of assistive technology to access and interact with the web content like ordinary people without discrimination.

Accessibility is related to the universal designing of products, services that are usable by everyone. This process supports social inclusivity for people with disabilities, the aged population and any other special groups of people.

Accessibility check aims to provide a platform where everyone can perceive, understand and interact with your web content without system barriers and blocks contributing to equality in the digital medium.

Accessibility from the top

Accessibility is the ability to access any area of an organization regardless of disability. Accessibility is a human right that ought to be respected and granted without bias.

When it comes to an organizational set-up, accessibility should include designing and creating your company’s products and services that will be accessible to every person with or without disability.

Accessibility to the top management should be granted easily for anyone who wants to express their views and get the attention they deserve.
Accessibility has been defined as the ability to reach, approach, use and interacts with people, products and services.

Accessibility is important for privacy.

Every person accesses the web for different reasons and purposes and deserves a high level of privacy while at it. When it comes to Accessibility, enhancing privacy and security for every web user should be considered when creating any digital products and services.

When an organization is working on the Accessibility of its services, consider privacy measures for people with disabilities.

Consider security measures that do not present accessibility challenges and factor in the WCAG standards that offer guidelines for creating digital experiences that respect the user’s privacy without compromising on the incident.

Some criteria in this document are specificA11y focused on helping your users avoid and correct mistakes in their privacy.

Your customers need it.

Customers are king, and they should be treated as so; accessible customer service will promote trust and increase your potential customer’s list.

Having accessibility at the top of your list in your service provision forms part of good solid business ethics that your customers will appreciate.

When it comes to Accessibility in your organization, someone should complete a task and experience without encountering challenges, especiA11y when it comes to the web.

All information that will enable the user to have a satisfactory experience should be available and perceivable.

As an organization, providing your customers with accessibility to your products and services according to the specified standards will improve your customer’s retention rate and increase your sales and revenue.

Your employees need it.

Your employees form a crucial part of your business because they champion the success and failure of your company.

Your employees are essential in providing your services to your ideal customers; they form your representation in the eyes of your clients.

Providing easy accessibility to you and the management in general for your employees will improve their overall service provision and work.

Accessibility may include providing a conducive working condition for people with disabilities, improving your employee’s ability to perform remarkably in their duties through technology and access to workplace facilities to everyone without challenges.

As an organization, foster a culture of diversity and inclusivity that appreciates individual differences and perspectives and abilities.

Accessibility is important to your brand.

Your brand is how your customers recognize and experience your business; it’s how you represent and promote yourself through the combination of unique skills, experience and personality.

As an organization, when you embrace accessibility in your service provision, you allow your clients to have a positive interaction with your brand and business.

Accessibility has created more opportunities for brand advocates where people are free to interact with your business without any challenges promoting brand loyalty.

Accessibility will make your brand known for being sociA11y responsible and following the set standards and guidelines in its service provision.

If your company has values that include inclusivity and accessibility of services and products to your potential clients, you will be recognized and appreciated in society.

TESCO case

Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom that was incorporated in 1950. This company boasts of over 34000 stores in the UK with more than 30,000 workers over the years.

The primary purpose of Tesco is “serving shoppers a little better every day”, which is assisting their customers in having a simple, easier life through the adoption of their consumer-centric approach of business and marketing.

Tesco has adopted unique Management Strategies and Practices that have been credited for its success and growth. There have invested in training and motivating its workforce and providing flexible working conditions for its employees.

A motivated workforce has resulted in maintaining positive employee relations and a high level of employee engagement.

Tesco management has a reward management system where they use incentives to retain their staff and improve the dynamicity of labor.
Human resource management has emphasized diversity, equality, and inclusion among its employees and customers. The organization abides by the principle of provisioning equal opportunities to all its colleagues at their workplace.

Employing a large workforce comes with responsibility and challenges in some areas, like the health and safety of the employees.

In the case of Tesco, this has been possible and executed effortlessly through partnerships with UK based health charities and organizations.

Tesco can be applauded for following inclusion criteria to eliminate discrimination from taking place in their work premises. At Tesco, you will find people belonging to different races, religions, gender and with disabilities.


Why is Accessibility important for business?

Accessibility provides access to your website and digital products to your potential clients and makes you compliant with the set standards by agencies like ADA and WCAG.

What do you know about Accessibility?

This is the ability to design services that will enable people with disabilities access without discrimination or difficulty.

What is accessibility needs?

Accessibility needs refer to the requirements, tools that people with disabilities require to access similar services and products in the digital space.

What is the purpose of Accessibility?

Accessibility is beneficial to an organization and your customers because it provides the ability to access the web, especiA11y for people with disabilities.


The benefits of accessibility to a company cannot be ignored; there is easy access to your company materials and services while servicing your ideal customers without bias or discrimination. As an organization, accessibility protects you from legal ramifications that may arise with contradicting the set guidelines, and it is an act that creates and nurtures strong relationships in society.