Top 5 Tips to Make Sure that Your Company is Implementing Digital Accessibility the RIGHT Way

Digital Accessibility should be an important focal point for any business.

If you are wondering why the concept of Digital Accessibility is important, then you first must understand that the word “accessibility” in this scenario emphasizes inclusiveness for all and that the “digital” piece refers to the large number of people who have access to the internet. Websites and platforms that are built with “digital accessibility” in mind cater to all demographics and aim to offer services to make navigating and utilizing any digital platform a reality for all.

For example, according to Upwards to 80% of the United States population shops online. Imagine if you were an individual with a physical impairment, online shopping without the procedures included in digital accessibility programs would make your online shopping experience very inaccessible, highly inconvenient, and create feelings of exclusion when it comes to seeing your demographic represented for business marketing purposes.

So, how does a business ensure that they are fostering environments and platforms that are “digitally accessible?” Here are’s “Top 5 Tips to Make Sure that Your Company is Implementing Digital Accessibility the RIGHT Way”, right now!

#1: Create a system of automated compliance. 

Just with the addition of one single pixel added to your business website, our Allyable AI (artificial intelligence) engines can scan your site and automatically fix common errors. This specialized tool will also help your business cut costs on continued technical development. Learn more about our pixel’s capabilities here.

#2: Get introduced to “Sophisticated Scanning.”

Sophisticated Scanning is crowd-sourced scanning combined with AI. This process will dig deeper beyond just common errors, fix more complex system errors, and decode violations to ensure that all issues have been located.

#3: Improve Your User Experience.

In this particular stage you will focus on making sure that your site is easily navigable with the use of custom menus and stored user preferences. Your company will also shift their attention to improving their overall SEO as well. Making these two items a huge focus will improve overall customer experience, and will broaden the amount of consumers that your company will have the ability to reach.

#4: Invest in Simplified Remediation.

Once your site is more accessible to all demographics, there is a potential that you may see a larger amount of service issues arise. When utilizing the Simplified Remediation option through you will be able to resolve issues quickly in the cloud or utilize integrations like JIRA to alert your development team to assist with more complex fixes in the source of code within your site.

#5: Gain access to your Dashboard and Reports for review. 

Once your business creates a “digitally accessible” platform your team will need to stay on top of new compliance regulations, client issues, website updates, new advancements in “digital accessibility”, etc. In order to  provide the highest quality of service to all customers, having the availability to view, analyze, and share these reports will be vital for your continued success with “digital accessibility.”

For more information on how your business can begin applying Allyable’s “Top 5 Tips to Make Sure that Your Company is Doing Digital Accessibility the Right Way” please visit to check out the newest ways to help your business stay in compliance, and tips to assist you with your company’s “digital accessibility” needs.