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Allyable offers the only platform that connects with continuous integration systems (CI/CD) and makes digital accessibility projects easy. Fix what you have today and design accessibility into what you’re rolling out tomorrow.

Client Success Stories

We’ve helped some remarkable companies simplify digital accessibility.

"Allyable provided us with a unique platform, enabling us to design build and maintain our digital assets with accessibility in mind while maintaining work efficiency and comply with security and privacy regulations"

Jonathan Lavender
Global head of KPMG enterprise​

“We have the obligation to make sure our digital services are accessible to everyone, any time, any place, to all our clients, including people with disabilities and seniors, in order to make their life easier. Allyable’s solution enables us to achieve our goal in a simple and efficient way.”

Tal Katzir
Field Applications Manager at Excellence ​

"At Imagineer Remodeling our goal is to be inclusive and accessible to all, both with our physical and digital services. Allyable has provided us with the tools to make our digital identity accessible to all."

Isaac Azencot
CEO of Imagineer Remodeling

We’re Revolutionizing Web Accessibility with You in Mind.

Hey web designers, programmers, marketers, consultants and builders of all things digital: When it comes to digital accessibility, YOU are the frontline worker.

Your work helps prevent accessibility errors that could impact 1.3 billion users with a disability, keeping them from experiencing digital content as intended. Errors that could get your business sued and damage your brand. Everyone deserves equal web access.

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Digital accessibility errors are more common than you think, even if you’re using an overlay toolbar, widget, or plug-in. These function as band-aids – temporary fixes that hide issues and can cause more harm than good. Allyable’s AI technology takes a hybrid approach. That allows fixes to be made at the source, and true protection from lawsuits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A-ToGo, the newest component of the Allyable suite, gives developers, designers and content managers the ability to easily create digital content that complies with accessibility standards. A-ToGo is the only browser plug-in that can automatically identify and remediate digital accessibility violations directly from the browser.


With A-ToGo, you can design accessibility into new sites and digital assets, and expand your team’s skill set with our on-the-go training and knowledgebase.

Allyable uses a hybrid approach to digital accessibility. Its unique design allows quick remediation of errors for immediate compliance, as well as intuitive tools for developers and programmers to address issues in the source code, providing permanent fixes.


Many other solutions offer quick fixes that only hide ongoing issues, or involve complex, time-consuming processes to achieve accessibility. Allyable helps you provide equal web access for everyone, fast, with easy-to-deploy tools for continuous compliance with digital accessibility laws and standards.

Accessibility overlays (also referred to as toolbars, widgets, plugins or apps for accessibility) may claim to be an easy way to achieve full compliance with WCAG 2.1 and ADA requirements, but they have several limitations:


  • They provide only front-end fixes, leaving websites exposed to ongoing errors.
  • They miss many WCAG violations.
  • They are often frustrating for web users with disabilities, who have to find and learn a new toolbar before they can navigate the site.
  • Digital accessibility lawsuits against website owners who use overlays are on the rise.

On the other hand, the Allyable platform makes it possible to find and fix errors quickly by deploying a single, secure line of code. The software continuously scans digital assets and provides recommendations for developers to permanently address violations. The end result? Websites are compliant – and fully accessible for the estimated 1.3 billion people with a disability.

Allyable is committed to keeping clients’ data secure and private.


  • ISO 27001 certification. This designation means we meet rigorous requirements for data security. An independent accreditation body audits our people, processes, and technology to ensure we manage information security according to international best practices.
  • GDPR/CCPA for privacy compliance. Allyable has incorporated data protection measures into our systems, processes and organizational measures to earn compliance with these regulations. They represent the most up-to-date standards for the protection of private consumer information.



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