The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, better known as the CVAA, is a 2010 U.S. law designed to ensure that communications and media services, content and equipment are accessible to users with disabilities. The CVAA requires that video programming and advanced communications services—such as electronic messaging, video chat, and internet-based voice chat—be provided in an accessible manner to individuals with disabilities.

The CVAA is divided into two titles:
  • Title I, Telecommunications Access: Increases the scope of communications services that must be made accessible to users with disabilities
  • Title II, Video Programming: Requires that video programming, services, and equipment be made accessible to users with disabilities.

Who is CVAA for?


Any business or organization that provides television programming, internet videos (particularly if they were originA11y captioned on TV), electronic messaging or videoconferencing services, telecommunications relay systems, devices, equipment, connectors and mobile browsers or Advanced Communications Services (ACS) for the general public. User-generated content is exempt from CVAA.

How will CVAA compliance help us?

Ensuring that your U.S.-based websites, intranets and other digital assets are fully compliant is not only the law, but also offers numerous benefits for your organization. Here are just a few ways you may benefit by designing with accessibility in mind and remediating existing compliance violations using Allyable’s solutions:
  • Increased Sales – The 61 million+ people with disabilities in the U.S., representing one-quarter of the population, influence a whopping $1 trillion in discretionary spending each year. By removing accessibility barriers to your digital assets, you may naturA11y capture more of this huge consumer market with a corresponding rise in revenues.
  • Improved Online Performance – CVAA compliance will boost your web pages’ SEO and overall results. Google, the #1 browser, ranks websites with accessibility features higher in its organic search, leading to more exposure and traffic.
  • Enhanced User Experience –RResearch has shown that providing universA11y accessible digital assets and user interfaces positively impacts ALL users, not only those with disabilities. Which means visitors remain longer and bounces decrease accordingly.
  • Competitive Advantage –With barely 2–5% of current websites meeting accessibility compliance standards, any organization who adheres to the CVAA standards will stand head and shoulders above their competitors, in any industry.
  • Legal Protection – Addressing CVAA compliance issues—whether by remediating violations in your existing assets, or by building new assets with accessibility in mind from the ground up—reduces your risk and liability for potential lawsuits.

The Allyable solution meets CVAA requirements and makes compliance fast, easy and affordable!

We provide the only 360° digital accessibility solution on the market, so you can address all of your CVAA compliance needs, all in one place. Allyable’s full suite of state-of-the-art tools allow you to simply and quickly remediate existing issues and build with accessibility in mind, whether you are a developer, marketer, consultant, small business or large enterprise. Start for free today, then select the plan that best fits the requirements of your organization.

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