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Global brands like these use our special powers for growth:

Imagine having the powers of top accessibility
experts in one software — that’s AllyAble360™


Meet WCAG standards for
ADA and all global accessibility regulations.


Prioritize diversity, equity
& inclusion for all customers with disabilities


Amplify reach, increase sales,
gain a competitive edge
& boost your bottom line


Enhance your Environment,
Social & Governance
investment rating


Protect your organization from accessibility & anti-discrimination lawsuits


Digital accessibility raises your
SEO ranking & improves website usability


Reduce complexity, increase
efficiency & manage
multiple domains, securely


Allyable meets stringent data
security certifications:
ISO 27001, GDPR & CCPA


All-in-One Enterprise Level
Digital Accessibility Solution

AllyAble360™ is the only end-to-end enterprise-level compliance platform that incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced image processing to provide 24/7 real-time scanning, automatic remediation capabilities, and state-of-the-art web development tools to simplify your digital asset design and remediation process.

Allyable360 graphic all in one digital accessibility enterprise platform

Technology leveraged for enterprises

Design with Accessibility in Mind

AllyAble360™ was created as a modular solution that incorporates a full suite of the software tools developers appreciate most. So, your development team is now able to design digital assets with accessibility in mind from the beginning, while building an internal standard of accessibility for your organization.

Prioritizing your security

Allyable’s Certifications

Prioritizing your security

We have always placed data protection at the forefront of our technology development since the beginning, with ongoing investments in key privacy and security elements.

Streamline your accessibility workflow

Improve Compliance Efficiency

Allyable’s all-in-one solution features a full suite of tools that is easily implemented via a secure single line of code and integrated with existing agile workflows, while maintaining data privacy and security. Your team can manage your entire accessibility project from a single, centralized dashboard to ensure that all digital assets comply with international accessibility guidelines.

Improve Compliance Efficiency
Improve Compliance Efficiency

Are you accommodating all your customers?

Everyone deserves
equal internet access

With 15% of the world’s population—more than 1.2B people—living with disabilities, and compliance lawsuits on the rise, inclusion has become a business imperative for enterprises around the globe. That means improving accessibility in both physical and digital spaces, as well as providing equal employment opportunities. Allyable’s all-in-one enterprise platform empowers your online design process for customers who are challenged to use websites and digital assets as intended.

robust application program interface (API)

Integrate with your existing systems

Fix the content that exists today and design accessibility into the assets you’re rolling out tomorrow! Allyable’s Application Program Interface (API) quickly connects with continuous integration systems (CI/CD) and automatically scans and resolves issues in real-time. Our intuitive, browser-based tools integrate with a wide range of management and development systems, including Jira, devOps, Github, Jenkins, Miro, Zendesk, Salesforce, and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Magento, Weebly, SquareSpace, and Shopify.
Integrate with your existing systems

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