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We are actively seeking partners who build digital assets for SMEs and large enterprise-level organizations and are looking to make them accessible as a value-added service. Our Partnership Program fits perfectly into any business model, including marketing agencies, graphic design firms, website consultants, IT companies, software providers, SEO specialists, digital experts, VARs and creative freelancers.

By partnering with Allyable, you can become a digital accessibility resource, offering your clients a streamlined, cost-effective approach to long-term conformance with international web digital accessibility standards.

Some of our allies in digital accessibility

Become an Accessibility Expert for Your Clients
Allyable’s Partner Network allows your business to become a digital accessibility expert in no time, to provide remediation solutions and services for your customers with an all-in-one digital accessibility enterprise platform.

Boost Your Customers’ Compliance
Simplify the complexity of digital accessibility compliance through our innovative platform and tools, so you can help your customers make their digital assets accessible and protect them from lawsuits.

Incentives for Your Success
The Allyable Partner Network provides opportunities to build a new, sustainable revenue engine and increase the bottom line of your business by earning commissions, discounts and more.

How it Works

Benefits of Partnering

  • Become a digital accessibility expert for your customer base
  • Earn additional profits through a recurring income stream
  • Support your clients’ digital assets (intranet and internet) to be ADA/WCAG 2.0+ compliant
  • Wide market appeal, from small businesses to global enterprises
  • Automate your compliance process and reduce manual remediation
  • Choose to be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer
  • Work with a dedicated Allyable Partner Manager
  • Help people with disabilities use online assets without barriers

Allyable partner tiers


Resell Allyable’s products directly to their business customers, maintaining complete control of the relationship. You purchase from Allyable at a discounted rate based on your partner tier and bill your clients for any fee you determine.


Refer prospects to Allyable, which handles the management of all sales and billing cycles relating to our services. You can earn evergreen commissions for as long as the relationship continues, while maintaining a hands-off approach.


Integrate technologies with Allyable’s platform, receiving full access to our software suite for seamless implementation. By building enterprise-level digital accessibility compliance right into your products, you gain a powerful competitive advantage.

Which partner tier is right for you?


Allyable provides simple low-code, no-code & seamless integration tools to help any developer gain digital accessibility knowledge quickly & conveniently, allowing to design with accessibility in mind.


You already boost the business growth of your SME and large enterprise clients by developing strategies, creating assets, and implementing digital solutions. Why not add a new expertise and revenue stream? 


Expand your marketability by providing U.S. and international clients with the best strategic business advice on digital accessibility and WCAG 2.0+ compliance, through a partnership with Allyable.


If you’re looking for a sustainable way to attract new SME and enterprise customers, while maintaining the loyalty of your existing clientele, consider partnering with Allyable as a reseller.

Industry-leading features

The best tools to integrate digital accessibility into your development process.


Allyable is built to grow with your business – we support digital assets such as websites, platforms, e-commerce, and applications of any size.


Offer your clients comprehensive, subscription-based accessibility services at a fraction of the cost of hiring an outside consultant.


Quickly meet worldwide compliance requirements with our easy-to-use, state-of-the-art enterprise
accessibility platform.


Automate your digital accessibility process with the most secure platform on the market, which adheres to the strictest privacy standards.


Promote our leading-edge enterprise accessibility technology to clients under your own brand as a Reseller or OEM Partner.