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With fewer than 10% of websites and only 2% of home pages worldwide meeting minimum WCAG standards, and accessibility lawsuits on the rise, it is up to enterprises like yours to take the lead by serving as a model for inclusivity. This issue is intensely personal for Allyable’s Co-founder and CEO David Adi, who has a serious genetic hearing loss that makes him passionate about advocating for others who have disabilities. Recognized as an international accessibility expert by the U.S. and Israeli governments and the United Nations, he launched Allyable in 2018 with the mission of giving developers, designers, and other internet marketers a fast, easy, affordable, and comprehensive way to make digital assets fully accessible to all users around the globe. Allyable’s goal is to bring equal access to everyone participating in the digital world. Accessibility compliance can be overwhelming—let us help you provide the best experience for each of your customers, every time.
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