How Efficient Is Your Accessibility Process?

If your enterprise’s digital accessibility projects are not advancing as quickly as they should, you may need a more efficient process. Allyable’s automated solutions can streamline your efforts to reach compliance quicker and allow your customers with disabilities to use your website as intended.

Make Digital Accessibility Easy

Address all your compliance needs, all in one place, with the only 360° digital accessibility solution on the market. Allyable’s modular platform is designed to identify and remediate a wide range of the most common accessibility barriers in websites and other digital assets for conformance with ADA, Section 508, CVAA, and other legislation based on WCAG 2.1+ standards, simply and conveniently.

Smart AI

Digital accessibility is all about how customers interact with your digital assets—that’s why our solution scans, captures, and fixes code based on their direct experience, 24/7.
Simplicity Is Key

Digital accessibility doesn’t have to be costly or complex. By utilizing scalable technologies like ours, you can afford to prioritize accessibility as you build your digital assets.

Inclusion Starts Here

Enterprise understands the importance of customer experience to enlarge the customer base and their satisfaction, increase revenues along with empower brand value which leads to improving the bottom line.
Digital accessibility is required by law in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and many other countries according to the WCAG 2.1AA guideline, the ADA, AODA, and section508 laws which were created to enable digital equal access for all people with disability and the elderly population.
Converting the enterprise’s digital properties to be fully accessible, enable empowering enterprises to implement and leverage digital accessibility for maximum market growth, (1 in five people deal with a disability that prevents them to use the internet as intended), brand impact, and increased revenues, optimize the ESG (S=Social responsibility) ranking and maximize the bottom line, all without compromising security and privacy (GDPR, CCPA) while providing equal access to all among different cultures and languages all over the world.
Our awarded A11able360™ platform and its many included components help to make this vision a reality now, in an easy and simple way.
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