Your Ultimate Source-Code Accessibility Validation Tool!

Are you searching for a powerful tool to assist your developers and testers in ensuring the accessibility source code of your website or application before launching to production? Look no further than A11yCheck™, the revolutionary AI-driven solution designed to streamline the process of checking code progress and validating remediation efforts against WCAG 2.1+ guidelines. Boost your accessibility efforts and deliver an inclusive user experience effortlessly.

Why Choose A11yCheck™?


Cutting-Edge AI Methodology: A11yCheck™ stands at the forefront of technology, utilizing advanced AI and image processing algorithms to accurately emulate remediation efforts, ensuring they meet all accessibility standards.

NO-CODE/LOW-CODE Smart Wizards: We believe in simplicity. A11yCheck™ offers easy-to-use smart wizards that enable developers to write, test, and validate remediation code seamlessly without coding hurdles.

Graphical and Assistive Technology Testing: Verify the effectiveness of your remediation with ease using visual representations or assistive technology testing. A11yCheck™ empowers you to be confident that your accessibility efforts are successful.

Seamless Integration: Our tool seamlessly integrates into your existing processes and support systems, streamlining your accessibility workflow and making compliance a breeze.

Automated ADA Compliance Check Remediation: Save valuable time and resources with our automatic ADA compliance checks and remediation suggestion capabilities, helping you achieve accessible code excellence efficiently.

Extensive Code Library: A vast library of code and remediation suggestions allows you to pick the most suitable options for your needs and requirements.

Stage Environment Testing: Test your accessibility efforts on your staging environment before embedding the code into your source code and deployment, giving you the confidence that your live version will be fully inclusive.

Seamless Integration with A11yDev™: For enhanced performance, integrate A11yCheck™ with our cutting-edge development tool, A11yDev™, and supercharge your accessibility efforts.

Growing Knowledge Base: A11yCheck™ is continuA11y evolving, with a growing knowledge base of A11yAcademy™ that keeps you up-to-date with the latest accessibility best practices and guidelines.

Compliance and Security You Can Trust


Security Compliance ISO 27001: Rest easy knowing that A11yCheck™ adheres to the highest security standards, keeping your data and digital assets safe and protected.

Privacy Compliance – GDPR: We value your privacy, and A11yCheck™ is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

Don’t let accessibility compliance slow you down. Embrace the power of A11yCheck™ and make accessibility an effortless part of your development process. Deliver an inclusive digital experience that leaves no one behind.

Code for Design


Allyable’s goal is to bring equal access to everyone participating in the digital world. Accessibility compliance can be overwhelming—that’s why we’re here to help you provide the best experience for all of your customers, every time.