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We’ve helped some remarkable companies to simplify digital accessibility, making their content and assets fully available to everyone. Here is what some of them have to share about working with Allyable:

Jonathan Lavender, Global Head, KPMG Private Enterprise

Allyable provided us with a unique platform, enabling us to design, build and maintain our digital assets with accessibility in mind, while managing work efficiency and complying with security and privacy regulations.”

Tal Katzir, Field Applications Manager, Excellence

“We have the obligation to make sure our digital services are accessible to everyone, any time, any place; to all our clients—including people with disabilities and seniors—in order to make their Lives easier Allyables solution enables us to achieve our goal in a simple and efficient way.”

Isaac Azencot, CEO, Imagineer Remodeling

“At Imagineer Remodeling, our goal is to be inclusive and accessible to all, with both our physical and digital services. Allyable has provided us with the tools to make our digital identity accessible to all.”

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